Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Custom Detailing: 3 reasons to use our superior services

Custom Detailing
 #1 We feature top quality detailing products to restore the shine to your vehicle’s exterior and leave the interior clean and fresh.

#2 We are uniquely trained and certified to equip us with the most advanced tools, latest equipment, and quality solutions - supplies to give your vehicle the best detailing service in Rogue Valley.

#3 We go beyond standard auto detailing services to also provide specialty restoration services that improve the appearance of your vehicle taking your detailing service to the next level. In addition, we do custom detailing and engine detailing.

Pristine Detailing Services auto detailing services utilize today’s advanced technology of specially formulated protection products that protect both the interior and exterior of today’s automotive finishes. Send us an email to learn more - click here.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Deatiling Services - a laundry list of available services

Deatiling Services
At Pristine Detailing, we set a higher standard for auto detailing with the finest products, the best equipment and expertly trained car detailing professionals that work in concert to produce a clean, spotless car inside and out.  

Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior as well as the boot of the car. All of the dash area, panels, windows, seats and carpets are cleaned extensively. Vacuuming is standard, and steam cleaning, liquid cleaners, and brushes may be used to remove stains on upholstery. Some nonporous surfaces may also be polished. Some detailers remove seats and other interior components to provide the most thorough clean possible.

Do you have a bad odor issue in your vehicle? We have a odor treatment that removes almost all "stinky issues" we have encountered. Ask about the odors we have seen, we have a few colorful stories to share with you. 

Engine Detailing 

We offer engine detailing, in which steam, high pressure water, degreasers and all-purpose cleaners are used to clean under the hood of the vehicle.

Click here to visit our web site where we have more information and photos of our work.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Detailing: a comprehensive package - inside and out

We offer the best in class detailing services in Southern Oregon.

You are welcome to visit our shop and see the living proof of what we provide to our community. Our professional detailing services, besides the expected interior and exterior detailing, also provide  custom detailing, scratch removal, engine cleaning, and headlight restoration.

We tailor our services to fit each individual vehicle that arrives into our shop. Over the years we have worked on, in some cases literally restored, vintage vehicles, exotic cars, specialty vehicles, along with the normal commuter and family sedans and an assortment of commercial vehicles.

One result of the normal wear and tear on your vehicle is a reduction of your headlight strength. That is to say, almost every vehicle we service has some level of headlight degradation: hazy headlights, foggy headlights, or cloudy headlights. We provide headlight restoration that restores your headlights to a clear and shiny look.

When you compare our detailing services, you will find we offer a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of your vehicle.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Auto detailing: what level of finish does your car have? How can you test it?

Auto detailing: what level of finish does your car have

Our auto detailing services are not just a wash and wax of your car or truck. We take off the dirt that you can see and add a luster too. More importantly, we can influence the finish of your car by removing imperfections.

What are these imperfections?

Most commonly, they are surface issues with your paint. We have seen, even on brand new cars, that the finish feels rough. You can check this out yourself by running your palm along the surface of your car to different areas - the hood, the door, a fender. Do they feel the same? Many times they don't - even on expensive cars. Do they feel rough or smooth like paper?

We have different tools to read the surface of your paint. Ask us about these services when you call or stop by to make an appointment.

Pristine Detailing Services

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Detailing Our National Treasures: B-29 Superfortress

B-29 Superfortress
We detailed this B-29 bomber for free as our service to the community, plus it's a lot of fun. 

The B-29 Superfortress is a four-engine propeller-driven heavy bomber designed by Boeing that was flown primarily by the United States toward the end of World War II and during the Korean War. It was one of the largest aircraft to see service during World War II and a very advanced bomber for its time, with features such as a pressurized cabin, an electronic fire-control system, and remote-controlled machine-gun turrets. The
We detail national treasures
name "Superfortress" was derived from that of its well-known predecessor, the B-17 Flying Fortress. Although designed as a high-altitude strategic bomber, and initially used in this role against the Empire of Japan, these attacks proved to be disappointing; as a result the B-29 became the primary aircraft used in the American firebombing campaign, and was used extensively in low-altitude night-time incendiary bombing missions. One of the B-29's final roles during World War II was carrying out the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Visit our web site for more information.

We detail national treasures

Friday, January 9, 2015

Before & After: floor mats are restored to life

Before & After: floor mats are restored to life
Floor mats take some serious abuse in any car, especially in the winter.

These shots show a classic floor mat we see every day.

It even includes some coffee or tea stains.

Before & After: floor mats are restored to life
In this bottom photo, the mat is still damp so it looks dirty ... but it is really clean.

It is easy to see that the stains and markings are gone completely.

By the way, we do this by hand, so it's not a robot washing your carpets.

Floor mats are a portion of the services we provide. Give us a call about our auto detailing packages.

We have more photos on our vehicle detailing web site - click here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Comprehensive auto detailing methods

Comprehensive auto detailing methods
Our comprehensive auto detailing methods include ceramic clear coats, electronic microscope services to enhance the finish of your vehicle, professional car care products, reconditioning auto care services, plastic restoration, and headlight restoration. We make your car new again and help you maintain your vehicle.
We have the best job in world, look at these two beauties that were in the shop over the holidays.

More pictures are on our detailing site - click here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Professional Auto Detailing: services beyond your expectations

Professional Auto Detailing
Our superior auto detailing methods include ceramic clear coats, electronic microscope services to enhance the finish of your vehicle, professional car care products, reconditioning auto care services, plastic restoration, and headlight restoration. We make your car new again and help your maintain your vehicle.

Proper paint correction isn’t something that just anyone can do. And a matter of fact, it’s something that a very small percentage of people working with detailing services truly understand. Most factories, body shops, and even the majority of people working in the detailing industry aren’t aware of the level that can be achieved with paint refinement.

Let us help you get your car looking good and smelling fresh in 2015. Have a Happy New Year!